Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marielle's 1st Birthday!

Here's another page for Marielle's "My 1st Year" scrapbook. 
credits:  Thanks to ( cad by ma)
www.leblogdechriscrap. (chriscrap)
www.starlight-designs. (ivonka)
for this birthday freebie
wordart by me

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A few more pages for Marielle's "My 1st Year" Scrapbook

I finished a few of more pages for Marielle's Scrapbook. 

This is her inside my womb she's 20 wks here and this is when we first found out that we're expecting a girl.

 credits: Garden in the Sky Kit by Thaliris Design
             Word art by me
             Girlish TextArt Overlay by Anna @ Studio Girls SBG

   credits: Passion Blush Kit by KimB Design
               Frame Kit Made with Love by Jaelop Design


I made this page a long time ago this is one of the very first pages  I made. She's 6 months here and learning to crawl and yes I took a lot of photos these are the ones I really like especially the last photo where she was about to fall LOL...  Sorry I cannot put the credits I forgot where I got them :(  the word art I made myself.


Marielle's very first steps. Actually this is a video I took and I just capture them into a photo shots.
credits: Hallows Eve freebie from digifree digital scrapbooking freebies.
wordart from Bethany Elegant wordart

Monday, February 8, 2010

Marielle's "My 1st Year" Scrapbook

I'm printing out some of the pages I made for Marielle's
"My 1st Year" Scrapbook

Here's some of them:

Marielle's Birth July 19, 2008
This is Marielle and Papa my DH Marc.
I took this photo at the hospital after I gave birth to her
credits: Thanks to Chaous Lounge  KBSeptCC free addon
Overlay and clock from digifree scrapbooking freebies

She's about a week here I took this photo myself.
credits: I used  Ptitesouris Dreams Blue of Angelo thanks for the lovely addon!
You can get it here :

Her first Christmas 2008
credits: Winter is coming design by Mary Pop

Marielle's Baptism Day
St. Catherine of Siena  20th day of September 2009
credits: mystique paper, elements from flergs pretty little things, cluster from Fanette all from digiree

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Expecting Again

Yes I'm expecting again my 4th now and this pregnancy is very difficult for me because in my previous ones I didn't get really sick I mean...unlike now I am really sick especially my 1st and 2nd month. My OB gave me prescription without it  I will be in bed all day.....
I'm feeling better now in my 13 wks the morning sickness is finally over.

Here's the page I made.

credits: Ptitesouris Berries of wood paper,
            Textured Overlay by Anna @ Studio Girls SBG