Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A few more pages for Marielle's "My 1st Year" Scrapbook

I finished a few of more pages for Marielle's Scrapbook. 

This is her inside my womb she's 20 wks here and this is when we first found out that we're expecting a girl.

 credits: Garden in the Sky Kit by Thaliris Design
             Word art by me
             Girlish TextArt Overlay by Anna @ Studio Girls SBG

   credits: Passion Blush Kit by KimB Design
               Frame Kit Made with Love by Jaelop Design


I made this page a long time ago this is one of the very first pages  I made. She's 6 months here and learning to crawl and yes I took a lot of photos these are the ones I really like especially the last photo where she was about to fall LOL...  Sorry I cannot put the credits I forgot where I got them :(  the word art I made myself.


Marielle's very first steps. Actually this is a video I took and I just capture them into a photo shots.
credits: Hallows Eve freebie from digifree digital scrapbooking freebies.
wordart from Bethany Elegant wordart

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